Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Fruit! Fruit! Fruit!

Today Mrs. Couch brought us some fruit to eat for healthy snacks. The food was donated from Save on Foods and a grant that our school received. 

She brought oranges, bananas, and apples.

We made a graph to show what our favourite fruits were.

Our favourite fruit was oranges. 14 children liked oranges the best. 

People liked apples and bananas the least. They were equal.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Life Cycles

We are learning about life cycles. We know that the human life cycle starts at baby, then toddler, child, then teenager, then adult, and senior citizen.
We were curious if ladybugs have the same life cycle.

We looked at a real ladybug with our microscope. Then we read a book about ladybugs. 

We thought this ladybug was dead but we noticed its legs moving just a little bit. We have figured out that it is hibernating.

The ladybug life cycle starts at eggs, then larva, then pupa, and finally, LADYBUGS!

Here's what the students learned:
Ladybugs have 6 legs - Vera
I learned about the eggs - Evelyn
I learned that the ladybug life cycle is different than the human life cycle. -Pheonix
Lady bugs are not all ladies, they can be boys or girls - Daphne
We read a book about ladybugs - Caleb
I learned about pupas - Ryden
I learned about what the larva looks like - Lillian
We learned that a ladybug uses its antenna to smell, taste and touch - Ethan
I learned that ladybugs can be different colours - Vera
A ladybug has fragile wings - Noah
A ladybug also has hard wings to protect the flying wings - Evelyn